A Thank You to the Head

Mrs. Elaine Purves,
Head of  Rossall School,
Fleetwood, Lancashire.


Dear Elaine,

On behalf of the members and their guests of the Old Rossallian Lodge, thank you very much for your hospitality on Saturday, 13th June.

It really is the highlight of our Lodge year to be able to come into the school and enjoy the evident talents of the students and of course, those members of your staff who also gave of their time.

The ladies who served the Banquet did so with great good humour. Thank you Tim for an excellent meal and all your effort towards that end.

Thank you Margaret Young for the music, thanks for all the joy the students and Stuart Corrie and yourself brought us on the day. A lot of effort!

We are indebted to the Rev. Etienne van Blerk not only for producing the Chapel Service sheet but also and at the last minute, providing an excellent sermon. Please thank him most sincerely on our behalf.

Thank you Nicola for giving of your time and attention to our Ray Hargreaves. Without your input, the day would not have been possible.

And finally, thank you, Elaine. It must be a great privilege to head up such a team. May we congratulate you on the way in which you have taken over the headship and thank you for revealing to us the great plans you have in store for Rossall.

Floreat Elaine! Floreat Rossallia!

Yours sincerely,



John Adam,
Lodge Secretary.
Pelican 1963 – 1968.