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If you would like to become a Mason please contact the Secretary giving details of when you were at Rossall.

One of the members who live near you will arrange to meet and have an informal discussion about Masonry and joining the Lodge.

If you are already a Mason, please include the House and year you were at Rossall, together with details of your Mother Lodge.

Any OR who is already a mason can apply to the Secretary to become a “correspondence member”.



For any details regarding the Old Rossallian Lodge, please contact the Lodge Secretary.

John Adam
The Old Rossallian Lodge

Springwood Nurseries,
Steele Road, Tilstock,
Whitchurch, Shropshire SY13 3LG.

Tel: 01948 880397


Anyone interested in joining the Lady Masons can contact Mrs. Rosalind Adam using the same details as above.